Rwanda Muhondo


The flavor of Africa

Located in the Northern province of Rwanda in the Gakenke district, the Muhondo washing station has been producing amazing coffee since 2013. Benefiting from ideal weather, fertile soil, and abundant rainfall, the coffee from this region blew us away.

The coffee is washed using local spring water that flows down from the mountains and sun dried in traditional terraces. The process, and  passion that they put in their coffee earned the Muhondo washing station the 1st place on Rwanda Cup of Excellence in 2014, and 3rd place in 2015.

Culture, passion, and great coffee

A country known for its wildlife, fertile lands, and amazing culture, it is no wonder that Ruanda produces amazing coffee. Located within the coffee belt and favored by some of the richest and most fertile land in the world, the Muhondo washing station leveraged ideal conditions with craftsmanship and attention to details to produce something amazing.

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