Brazil Salto State


Passion you can taste

Fabio Araújo’s passion for coffee started at a very young age, from the moment Fabio had contact with the coffee beans and they sparked something within. He went to study medicine, but even while going to school, Fabio was dedicated to the production of coffee. Today Fazenda do Salto is run by Fabio and his two sons André and Juca. They are always looking to improve the quality of the coffees in a constant effort to reach excellence. Fabio’s attention to sustainability and quality prove that both go hand and hand, and are the signature of his coffee.

South of Minas, Brazil

The region of Minas in Brazil is known for colonial-era towns dating to the country’s 18th-century gold rush. With cobblestone streets, ornate mansions and baroque churches decorated by the sculptor Aleijadinho. With a current population of 20.9 million, the region is known by its landscapes, rivers and natural wonders. 

Fabio’s farm uses Yellow Bourbon and Catuai, cultivated at an altitude of 1230m (4035ft), which benefit from the ideal weather and rich soil of the region to produce flavorful beans that reflect the passion and dedication of the Araujos family. 

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