Honduras, Concepción

Off the beaten path

La Paz is a small town in Honduras, founded in 1,792; it has an estimated population of just over 46,000.

It is located near the beautiful Montecillos mountain range and surrounded by thick jungle cover. With the town located over 2,400 ft above sea level, and the Concepcion farm at over 4,600. The conditions for great coffee could not be better.

In the search of perfection

The search for perfection

The  farm is located in a prime location to produce great coffee.Aat over 4,600ft and rich jungle forest it has the potential to produce extraordinary coffee. Manuel and his wife Linda know about it and have been working to improve the quality of their coffee on each harvest. 

With Manuels passion and innovative nature, and Maria's entrepreneurship and organizational skills, this couple has experimented with multiple processing methods, such as molasses, honey, and washed. They have also experimented with fermentation times, and through multiple trials they have and keep improving their coffee every year.

The perfect complements

Manuel is a dreamer, bringing new ideas and initiatives every day. Eager to learn, experiment, test and improve; his passion for coffee knows no limits. Linda is the logical and methodical complement that Manuel needed, she keeps him grounded while helping him make his ideas come to life. This couple love for coffee is only surpassed by their love for one another, and anyone that drinks their coffee can tell. 

Sustainability by design

Like all the farms that we select, the Concepcion far is a model of sustainability. Using bugs traps instead of pesticides as much as possible, using native plants to create the partial shade coffee needs, and understanding that working with nature is easier and more productive than trying to fight it.

Sort It All Out: No Bad Beans

The Source

With Esperanto, you will never have to question where your coffee comes from. We personally visit and inspect each coffee farm to ensure the highest quality, single origin coffee.   

What We Look For

Before your coffee is roasted and shipped, the bean goes through multiple stages, a process that takes time and care. At Esperanto, we inspect each stage to ensure the best coffee from the best farms. 

Coffee Tasting

Once all the steps have been completed, the fun, most important step arrives: tasting the final product. Esperanto personally visits each farm, tasting each brew before they’re packaged and shipped.