Who We Are

Where We Started

Our journey together began over 20 years ago in the halls of an elementary school. Instant friends, we both have always had a passion for life, culture,  and hard-work. Though our paths as adults have taken us in two different directions, a Businessman and an Engineer still get together to enjoy a nice, hot cup of coffee.


My love for coffee extends far back to when I’d sneak a sip from my parents’ cup. As I got older, coffee became a morning tradition. I’d enjoy coffee with my grandparents, cousins, sister, and friends. In high school, I developed a stronger sense of taste; I began to appreciate the many different origins coffee has. Whether it was Ethiopian, Colombian, or my favorite, Guatemalan, I realized coffee is full of character and unique qualities. I became intrigued to discover where my coffee came from, how it was processed, and what new flavors awaited discovery. 

Luis Pedro

I have been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember. In fact, I can't remember a time coffee has not been a part of my life. Coffee has been part of my daily routine, weather it was a leisure cup with friend, or a desperate attempt to stay awake; especially throughout my MBA program. Over the years, my love for coffee has expanded as I have traveled to different regions and explored the many unique flavors and aromas coffee has to offer.